Back at the hotel

Beach at night

Evening at the beach

Evening Sky

Leaving New China Buffet.

Dinner at New China Buffet

Tower of Pisa on Touhy Avenue near Caldwell

Sony 1080P LCD Display

$2999.99 at Circuit City

Leaving Walmart

Super Walmart Skokie, IL

Skokie Northshore Chanel Park

Partly cloudy skies

Driving to Wal-Mart.

Riding back to the hotel

In the water

People on the beach

Birds in water on beach

People swimming at beach

The water in the lake is clear

Riding to the pier

Riding along the lake

Going for afternoon bike ride along the lake

Construction Across the street from hotel

Private Club House

Masala Dosa


Jai Hind Restaurant, 100% Vegetarian

2858 Devon Avenue

Devon Avenue


The lake is about three blocks from our hotel.