Playing Scrabble

Riding Home

Riding Home

Frog Cleanup

Shopping Mall - The Game


At the vision center

Riding bikes to the store

Arriving at the Lodge Before the Shuttle

Riding Bicycle to The Lodge

Trying to beat the shuttle.

Mural on wall West of Sheraton

John Mountain, Organic Honey

It's time for a honey break.

Studio4, Reviewing and Reporting on Excess User Storage

Studio4, Firmware Update

Studio3, review and report on excess user storage

Studio4, Install 5 Remaining Updates

Studio4, Software Update, Error

Studio4, Continue with Software Update

Studio4, Microsoft Update, 20080314

Studio4, another Microsoft Update

Studio4, Microsoft Update, Software Update

Clearing Space on Studio 3, Drive 1

At my desk

Crossing Burlington Street Bridge


Returning from Elliptical Workout

Elliptical Exercise