Kinnick Stadium

Peking Buffet

Bananas and Raisins. Jello.

Dinner at Peking Buffet

Mongolian grill: broccoli, mushrooms, onions, watercress, sprouts.
Mongolian sauce and garlic sauce.

Hybrid Toyota Prius Taxi Cab

Black and Gold Cab Company is the only Iowa City cab company that uses
hybrid vehicles. Call 319-887-1976.

Purchase Price: $22,000 - $3,000 credit from government = $19,000.


Crossing Iowa River

Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories

Riding to PH.

Levitt Center for University Advancement

Riding bicycle to Iowa City.

Crandic Park, Flooding

Returning to Iowa City

Iowa River Power Company Foot Bridge

Riding to client location.

IMU Foot Bridge, Crossing Iowa River

Going west. View to the north.

Riding Bicycle from Iowa City to Coralville


Lunch Party

Walking to New Pioneer Co-op

On The Phone with Dell

Kashi GoLean, Nature's Plus Source of Life Energy Shake

At My Desk

Returning to Office From Gym

Elliptical Workout, Completed

4000 strides, 3.3 miles, 530 calories, 36 minutes. Equipment: Precore
EFX546. Music: Apple iPod Shuffle. Shoes: New Balance 767 (made in USA,
non-animal materials).

Elliptical Workout, 12 minutes of 36

Iowa Old Capitol

Arriving downtown.

Burlington Street Bridge, Iowa River

Riding bicycle to work.

Morning Meditation