Researching Memory Installation for Dell Latitude X1 PP05S

Dusty Processor Heat Sink

When dust gets in the fine heat sink blades and the fan area, the
processor will heat up and not cool down. This can cause the fan to
speed up.

Taking a Cimputer to Neo Computer

Working on RAID issues

Going to the Post Office


Colorful Surprise

Colorful Ceramic

At my desk

Lunchtime. Eating a veggie sandwich from Which Wich.

At my desk

Morning Sky

Going to office.


At my desk

Working on a Dell Latitude D600.

Going to Office


Phillips Hall

Leaving downtown.

U.S. Flag Reflected in Window

Leaving job site.

On-site, System setup

Setup office computer. Dell Dimension 4100.

Leaving Best Buy

Odometer 109911.




Cinnamon and Nutmeg on Pancakes

Instant Oatmeal

Surface bubbles appear before flipping

Cook until golden brown

Bubbles will appear on surface when ready to flip.

Making Pancakes

Mix ingredients.

Returned from running

Deep Snow

This is where the car was stuck. In the drive just beyond the fence.