GregoryCam News Update

Directory. Click a link below to see photos for that year and month. The live feed for the current month is listed at the top.
  • 200505-06 - Iowa City
  • 200903-04 - Iowa City
  • 200902 - Iowa City
  • 200901 - Visiting India through January 15, then back in Iowa City
  • 200812 - Winter comes to Iowa City, Dec. 25 - Jan 15 traveling to India
  • 200811 - Iowa City
  • 200810 - India from October 3 to 14, then back in Iowa City for the remainder of the month.
  • 200809 - The Fall Semester at the University of Iowa Begins
  • 200808 - The final weeks of summer vacation
  • 200807 - Includes updates from the Border to Border Tour
  • 200806 - Summer vacation begins
  • 20080120-20080613 - These photos are available by accessing the archive on the right side column of this page.
About the New GregoryCam. The GregoryCam live feed of photos, which moved to Blogger on 20080120, depends on PicasaWeb for photo storage. PicasaWeb has a 1000 photo limit per album. Each blog is assigned an album for images. With 10 to 20 photos per day, and sometimes more, this limit is reached after 50 to 100 days. So, to continue the GregoryCam live feed, future live feeds will be created as a new blog for each month. This will make it possible to have a permanent archive for each month. The archived photos for 20080120 to 20080613 are available on this blog. Other live feed archives are listed above.