Driving Home

Photo Art

Returning from Hy-Vee.

Hy-vee Offers Green Reusable Shopping Bags

ETA 1559

Driving Home

Going to the car

At My Desk

Honda Fit Micro Car

Lunch at Which Wich

Returning From Running

Finished Run

Crossing IMU Footbridge

Running past Center for UI Advancement

Hill Climb Running

Iowa River, Trail Washed Out

Iowa River almost touching trail

Running Shadow

City Park is Flooded

Ducks on the Iowa River

Crossing Footbridge by Hancher

Going running, 36 minutes

Going to gym, again

Needed to go back to the office to get the iPod Nano Nike+ receiver

Going to the gym

Honda Fit Micro Car

At my desk

At the Post Office

Morning Light