CVS in Iowa City at the Old Capitol Mall has Canada Dry for $1.39

At My Desk

I got back to the office shortly after 2:30 PM from my 1:30 lunch meeting. I've had trouble with the live feed today, but now it seems to be working again. Thanks for being patient!

Lunch at The Bread Garden Market and Bakery in Iowa City

I had lunch today at The Bread Garden Market and Bakery. The broccoli and spinach salad were delicious. This was posted at 4:11 PM, but the photo was taken at 2:00 PM. Sorry for the delay.

A Class is Cancelled Today

At My Desk

Which Wich Iowa City

Finishing up a quick veggie sandwich at Which Wich in Iowa City.

At My Desk

Rainy Day Bike Ride, arriving at work

I arrived at the office around 9:45 AM this morning after stopping at the post office. The bike ride into work was cold and wet, but refreshing.

Time for Morning Yoga and Meditation

This morning from about 5AM to 8AM I was able to do my daily routine of Yoga, meditation, and a cardio workout.