Problem with wireless card

Going to next client location

Driving north on Riverside Drive.

Runonce not running

The Microsoft Run Once web site seems to be down today.

Client Work, Vostro 400

Continuing work on Dell Vostro 400.

Leaf Kitchen, lunch special

Cabbage vegetable rolls, salad, sandwich, and spice cake.

Leaf Kitchen, tea display (closeup)

Leaf Kitchen, tea display

Leaf Kitchen, stopping for lunch

Travelling to client office

South on Gilbert Street.


This is the Econo-Heat radiant heater. 425 Watts. 3.6 Amps. More
information is available at http://www.econo-heat.com

At my desk


Arrive home

Hy-Vee on First Avenue

The temperature in Iowa City is currently -16, but it feels like -28
because the wind is blowing at 43 kilometers per hour with gusts of up
to 69 kilometers per hour.

Leaving the office

Left the office at 6:12 PM

Old Capitol of Iowa

Iowa City, Clinton Street

Looking south-west from PH 6th floor, viewing Clinton St. and Iowa Avenue. -14 Celsius

At my desk

Misty and cold

It is misty and cold today in Iowa City. The temperature is around
freezing. 0C/32F



This is a view of the sun setting behind the power plant.

Riding bike home.

At my desk

Returning to PH

Dell Vostro 400

Continuing with setup of Dell Vostro 400.

Riding bike

Going to follow-up on a project.

Helping a friend

A friend of mine, Gary S., is having trouble getting on the Internet.
We're riding to his home over lunch to get the problem resolved.

At my desk

Riding bike to office

Passing 900 West Benton.


Snow Mountain

Snow piled up in the Hy-Vee parking lot. In the winter, after a heavy snowfall, plows will clear snow from a large area (such as a parking lot) and push the snow into a big pile. Sometimes machinery will be used with front bucket loaders to pile the snow high.

Grocery shopping at Hy-Vee

Grocery stores use automatic watering systems that run on timers. The watering system sprays a mist on vegetables to keep them fresh and ensure they don't dry out.

Sunny Day

Another sunny day in Iowa City with blue skies. -13C/9F


Arriving home

Riding Home

Going West on Benton crossing Riverside.

Setup of Dell Vostro 400

At a stopping point. There are 44 critical Windows updates downloading
(194 MB) that will install automatically. Dell Vostro 400.

Setup Dell Vostro 1500 notebook